Welcome to Oxcart Arcade and Rooftop!

As a longtime resident of Lowertown, Justin Sutherland saw an opportunity.

Lowertown was developing very quickly, but outside drinking and eating, there were not many activities to do in the area.

So when Justin became in charge of Madison Restaurant Group’s culinary operations, he determined that Ox Cart, which had recently been shut down due to unfavorable business conditions, would make an ideal location for a retro arcade, the kind of spot where you hang out with your friends.

Justin wanted to offer guests an exciting place where they could connect while playing together.

So far, the gamble — incorporating a “living area” with a few contemporary arcades, retro console games, old-school cabinet games, and pinball machines — seems to have paid off. A younger generation is hanging out, playing games, and meeting friends, just like Justin intended. Ox Cart’s new decor includes murals by Annika Leiknes and a VHS wall and mirror. Ox Cart also features photoshopped Tiger Beats magazines with portraits from Justin’s senior high school years combined with teen heartthrobs.

The establishment was previously called Ox Cart Alehouse, and the bar was best known as a getaway to a beautiful patio on its short-seasoned rooftop. However, Ox Cart’s rebirth has changed what the joint is known for, and is now characterized by a Sega/Nintendo corner, pinball machines, four-way air hockey, and a menu featuring dishes suited for a powerful munchie fit.

The large bar on the ground floor is filled with arcade games and is serving drinks that are borderline outrageous on the fun scale: 40s, Old Fashioneds on tap, snowcones, spiked Tang, a blue cocktail garnished with a squirt of grenadine, and a shark gummy, and plenty of beer.